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Data engineering – Design of integrated retrocession reporting platform


Client description
International, worldwide acting reinsurer 


The Client’s requirements
• To create from scratch an outwards retrocession reporting platform to support a $15 billion asset gained from an acquisition
• To implement these improvements within a fixed timescale


Our solution
• Full analysis of the reporting requirements on a theoretical and practical basis (reviewed over 200 reports from the legacy system)
• Rationalised the requirements and proposed a solution with 15 flexible standard reports and adhoc reporting
• Fully analysed the legacy system data, and how it was to be migrated to the new target transactional system
• Designed the data warehouse solution, manipulating and aggregating the data to feed the reporting solution
• Documented a comprehensive reconciliation strategy
• Undertook detailed data quality analysis to understand and rectify any differences in the reconciliation
• Designed, tested and reconciled the proposed standard reports in Business Objects
• Provided training to the business community in readiness for the roll out to the company


Services/Value delivered
• The client's $15 billion asset was protected and able to be effectively managed
• Pro provided a vital bridge between the business and IT in an area where the client had little experience
• Project was completed within the fixed deadline 

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