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TPA services - Redesign of Trucking claims department

Client description : Redesigned the organization structure of the Trucking claims staff aligning knowledge and skill sets to case and jurisdictional complexities to implement Client strategy.


The Client’s requirements

•Reduction of management time and setting up a team with the right technical and jurisdictional expertise
•A review of settlement and reserve authority and case management controls to ensure cases effectively
•Issues regarding accuracy and consistency of reserving and payment data
•Analysis of defence counsel performance to ascertain if right firms being utilised.


Our solution

•Review of department structure including processes and procedures.
•Segmented claims by value and complexity – identified the appropriate staff to handle the claims.
•Claims Quality Standards updated - audited monthly providing staff with feedback and direction.
•Updated staff and Supervisor’s authority levels based on demonstrated knowledge and expertise
•Reporting controls based on exposure, mediation and trial dates, and other key issues, e.g., time limit demands
•Reinforced timely and accurate reserving - focus on probable cost and paying only what we owe
•Defense Counsel analysis - some firms removed and others added that were better aligned with client’s strategies and mission. Clearly defined internal process of litigation management.
•Efforts made to secure cost sharing agreements with other carriers.


Services/Value delivered

•Reduced Supervisory span-of-control to 6 to 1
•Identified cases with exposure of greater the $500,000 for assignment to the Major Case Unit.
•Newly designed teams focused on claims fundamentals and measured on results of case management
•Cases managed by the right staff to produce the best possible outcomes on each case
•Defense Counsel aligned with our case management strategies
•Improved financial results driven by more consistent reserve and payment patterns

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