Investor relations

Operating subsidiaries and investments

Pro Insurance Solutions Ltd., Pro IS Inc., Chiltington International Holding GmbH

Pro is the trading name of Pro Global Insurance Solutions plc, Pro Insurance Solutions Ltd, Pro IS Inc., Chiltington International Holdings GmbH., Chiltington  International Ltd, STRIPE Global Services Ltd, Pro ClaimsSolutions GmbH, Pro InsuranceSolutions GmbH, Pro Insurance Solutions SA, and Tawa Consulting Ltd.

Pro is a specialist in the provision of operational outsourcing and consulting services to the global reinsurance industry. Pro’s services fall into five main categories: Intermediary services, Technical outsourcing, Legacy management, Operational Consulting, Audit and Assurance. With over 30 years market experience, our operations span the major insurance and reinsurance markets, serving insurers, reinsurers, brokers, lawyers and corporate investors.

The combined Pro team service a number of the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance businesses. Pro’s people are experienced professionals who can be trusted to get on with the job, with minimal supervision. Pro’s mission is to create value for our clients at each stage of their operations, by enabling them to focus on what they do best and helping them operate even better.

Pro is a global company, operating from offices in London, New York, Cologne, Zurich, and Buenos Aires, supported by operational centres in Gloucester (UK), York (US) and Sundern (Germany).This enables us to provide a cost-efficient, round the clock service to all our clients.

The acquisition of Pro Insurance Solutions Ltd. and Pro IS Inc was completed in November 2009. The acquisition of Chiltington International Holding GmbH was completed in April 2012

Pro Insurance Solutions Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Pro IS Inc is licensed and regulated by various U.S. State Insurance departments.

Asta (owner of 30% issued shares; 33% of voting shares)

As part of Pro plc’s expansion in the Lloyd's market, in January 2012 Pro plc became the owner of 33% of Asta, the leading turnkey agency management services company in Lloyd's.

To find out more about Asta, please follow this link.

Pro Claims Solutions GmbH

Previously trading as Assekuranz Service- und Sachverständigenge-sellschaft mbH, Pro Claims Solutions GmbH is a leading disability claims management company in Germany.

STRIPE Global Services

STRIPE Global Services (SGS) developed the STRIPE® System to tackle the complex recovery issues facing today's insurers, brokers and reinsurers. With many years' experience in the industry and the backing of a leading player in reinsurance, our team brought a unique perspective to the challenges of recovery and how to solve them. The result is an innovative system that is proven to make the process fast, secure and simple. The STRIPE® System was launched in September 2010.

QX Reinsurance Company Limited

On 31 March 2011, Pro plc set up QX Re, a Bermudian regulated special purpose insurer which will initially provide reinsurance coverage for a book of lead paint exposure that was underwritten by Pennsylvania National Mutual Casualty Insurance Company.

The company will operate as a reinsurance vehicle and is an innovative way for Tawa to assume discontinued portfolios when a company transfer is not a viable option.

Following the demerger of the risk carrier businesses from Tawa plc effective 2 April 2014, Pro plc has retained QX Re on its balance sheet. QX Re has no value and Pro plc retains no balance sheet risk for this company.