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25 | Apr | 2016

Pro Global Patrick Lynch appointed to the board of LOMA Society of Greater New York

Pro Global Insurance Solutions plc (Pro), is pleased to announce that Senior Consultant Patrick Lynch has been appointed to the board of the Life Office Management Association (LOMA) Society of Greater New York.


The LOMA Society of Greater New York is a non-profit professional, career development and educational organisation serving insurance and financial industry professionals in the Greater New York Area. The LOMA Society of Greater New York is the oldest Society affiliated with the LOMA organisation based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Patrick Lynch joined Pro Global in 2015 as a Senior Consultant specialising in supply chain and operations analysis. He was previously at Swiss Re for seven years where he worked on systems and Processes. He also had placings in Bratislava, Slovakia and Mexico City, Mexico. He graduated Magna Cum Laude at Northeastern University class of 2007.


Mory Katz, Managing Director US, Pro Global, said: “Pro Global fully supports Patrick in his new role. LOMA has an excellent reputation within the insurance and financial services industry and across the US and globally. We are delighted that Patrick has been asked to join the board and believe it is a true reflection of his achievements and experience.”


Pro has US offices in New York and York Pennsylvania.