Broker services

Broker replacement

Replacing non-performing brokers

Are your collections not being processed or are they not being paid fast enough? We understand the challenges you face and we can help you resolve them.

With an extensive network of London Market contacts and proven cash collection expertise, we replace non-performing brokers - partially or entirely - to maximise the speed and value of recoveries.

Our expert team will work in partnership with you to design and deliver a tailored, cost-efficient service. We focus in particular on the critical transfer period to ensure a seamless transition.

Our Lloyd's Run-Off Broker status (PSO 1178) means we can act as a broker for run-off business in the Lloyd's and worldwide company markets. We have full access to all the London Market settlement and accounting networks.

We can

  • Accelerate and maximise recovery of your reinsurance assets and/or secure liquidated debt
  • Expedite the presentation of your claims
  • Produce timely and informative management reports tailored to your precise requirements
  • Perform to agreed standards, ensuring we deliver on focused and measurable service levels

We offer you a dedicated expert team with an exceptional market network and an extensive range of processing, broking or accounting experience.