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Robert Buchberger

Head of Germany

Robert started his career in the international medical repatriation center of Germany’s leading motorclub in Munich.
In the early 90's he has set up the French emergency operations center for 8 European touring clubs in Lyon.
In the late 90's he acted as marketing and sales director for a leading French automotive retail and repair organisation in Paris.
Since 2000 Robert was managing director of Assistance Partner Services Srl in Italy then of ROLAND Assistance  owned by a leading legal insurance group, board member of repair network companies, cofounder of Astrum Assistance Alliance AG based in Zurich and CMO(Vorstand) of Jurpartner Rechtsschutz Versicherungs AG in Cologne. These companies were held by leading German insurance companies such as AXA, Gothaer, VHV, DEVK, SwissRe, Signal Iduna.
Robert also contributed to Gabler Versicherungslexikon and to Leipziger Versicherungsseminare (Prof.Wagner)
Owner of a service company and advisor of a startup company providing insurance to sharing platforms
Achievements include:

  • Management and scaling of service companies (20-700 FTE)
  • Set up of  repair network companies for motor and real estate reducing claims costs
  • Product development and new lines of services for German insurers
  • Development and implementation of claims TPA-programs in motor, health, legal and travel insurance
  • TPA to Germany’s leading airline loyality program
  • Developing an assistance company to a significant outsourcing provider
  • Complete outsourcing deployment of commercial motor insurance activities for a major international broker
  • Claims and service outsourcing partnership with Swiss health insurer
  • Year end business support for 15 car insurers
  • Setup of eastern German low-cost outsourcing subsiduary in Dresden

25 years of experience in management of assistance and TPA-companies servicing more than 40 insurance companies and generating economies of scale in operations and purchasing