What we do

Legacy solutions


Understanding your Challenges

Legacy business may be old discontinued lines, markets or clients that are no longer part of core, strategic objectives. Managing legacy business is often a complex and time-consuming task that can distract you from your core business. You may be considering how to design and/ or implement the optimal legacy strategy for your business that includes the right sourcing model to:

  • Manage reputational risk and ensure service quality through proactive current claims handling
  • Reduce volatility, release booked reserves and maximize capital extraction prior to exit
  • Minimize operational risk such as redundant/ legacy IT systems, key staff retention
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Understand and manage multiple regulatory environments

What we do

At Pro, we are experts in managing the challenges of legacy business and we are committed to aligning our interests with yours; we help you extract value from non-core portfolios. We deliver a cost-effective, high quality legacy solution service. At the heart of our client service ethos is the desire to achieve success for you and your company in a way that also maintains your corporate reputation and the goodwill of the counterparties with whom we do business.Your business can benefit from our experience.

We have a significant track record in legacy outsourcing and strategic consulting and we provide full run-off management services for our clients.We have managed over 25 legacy portfolios with collective liabilities of more than $5bn for clients such as London Market underwriting pools and blue chip global reinsurers and insurers. These portfolios have included some of the most complex in the London Market, including CX Re ($2.2bn of liabilities), English & American and Willis Faber Underwriting Management. Our most recent appointment was the Groupama Transport UK and Singapore marine legacy portfolios, which went into run-off in 2012.

The Value We Deliver

  • We have released over $4bn of reserves held in managed portfolios over the last 10 years by:
  • Developing and implementing effective strategies for non-core operations, to extract maximum value
  • Actively managing claims in a way that protects your corporate reputation, while reducing liabilities and uncertainty
  • Releasing closed and redundant reserves, thereby reducing capital requirements
  • Recovering trapped premiums, refunds and reinsurer cash as well as releasing unsubstantiated LOCs, CCAFs and OCAs
  • Migrating data to streamline the management of assets, liabilities and all types of reporting
  • Developing IT strategy, including the assessment of legacy systems and design/implementation of new systems to meet run-off objectives.

We have a world-wide team of strong, established professional practitioners who, between them, have a thorough understanding of the whole run-off lifecycle. We take great care to get to know your business and we tailor our legacy service to meet your particular needs. Our approach means we can offer a full suite of products and services, from end-to-end Portfolio Management to bespoke one-off transactional services.

Our Legacy service is flexible, so we can meet your needs, whatever the scale of your operation. We provide full management of a complex multi-line run off portfolio, we will manage a single claim or policy for you or we will undertake loss-level consultancy projects.

Our global presence allows us to understand and operate within multiple regulatory environments, managing and minimizing operational and reputational risk.

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