Legacy solutions

Portfolio management

We have managed over 25 legacy portfolios with collective liabilities in excess of $5bn for a wide spectrum of clients including London Market underwriting pools and blue chip global (re)insurers. These have included some of the most complex portfolios in the London Market including CX Re (US$2.2 billion of liabilities), English & American and Willis Faber Underwriting Management. Our most recent appointment was the Groupama Transport UK and Singapore marine legacy portfolios which went into run-off in 2012.

Pro offers a range of experienced run-off practitioners to work with clients in defining, planning and implementing their legacy management strategy. We provide our clients with a consultative and tailored management package that deals with clients individual strategic aims, including:

  • Ongoing “orderly” management of legacy portfolios.
  • Portfolio reduction and descale of liabilities.
  • Design and implementation of a full portfolio closure strategy.

We provide an end to end management process that combines Pro’s Legacy competencies into a full program of run off Portfolio Management, incorporating:

  • Front end inwards claims management and large scale back office support
  • Reinsurance and technical accounting
  • Broker replacement  
  • Credit control and commutation
  • Management accounting
  • Financial and regulatory reporting
  • Reserve analysis and Actuarial review
  • Strategic finality solutions
  • Innovative IT support

Pro provides it’s Portfolio Management clients with an experienced, professional and dedicated team structured in partnership with our clients and in line with their strategic aims. Our Portfolio Management service is flexible and innovative so we can meet your needs whatever the scale or complexity of your operation.