Operational consulting

Data services

We help you to turn data into information. The resulting business insight you achieve can lead to revenue growth, balance sheet protection, capital deployment, fraud detection, and operational cost savings.

Our consultants work with you so you can make the best use of the information that you have. We give strategic advice and we help you deliver industry-specific data integration, reporting and predictive analytics capabilities that lead to the results that you want.

Our team brings together specialised data expertise in terms of strategy, governance, analysis and testing combined with project and change management and business analysis. This combination means that we can help you fully understand your data and what it means in the context of transforming your business.

Our approach includes the integration of the data and analytics technologies, environments, and advanced infrastructures that are the most compatible with your data, technology and business objectives.

 Adding the value of practical knowledge

Our team of industry practitioners has extensive hands-on experience of managing portfolios and related analytics. We understand the importance of timely, accurate, complete and relevant information, as well as the problems and practicalities that can sometimes affect data quality.

We have a strong track record in resolving data-quality issues efficiently and effectively, leading to improved transparency of information and in-house knowledge.

Focused on getting results

We recognise the importance of understanding the root cause of a problem. We can help you to identify when and where it may be practical to eliminate the problem, or when it makes sense to work around it. With an objective external perspective, we focus on facts and solutions.

By focusing on the outcome and application of information, we avoid unnecessary waste and over-engineering. We deliver practical solutions.