Risk, audit and compliance

Litigation support

Litigation support & expert witness

We have extensive experience in reinsurance and insurance-focused litigation, arbitration, mediation and other forms of ADR in the UK, USA, Bermuda and Canada. We are engaged by litigants and/or legal counsel to perform a variety of roles, including:

  • The review of counterparty discovery and other pre-hearing investigative work
  • Case preparation
  • The provision of factual or expert witness testimony and the provision of support in questioning counterparty witnesses
  • Negotiation/Mediation
  • Appointment as party arbitrator

Legal discovery and witness work

We have extensive experience working on litigation and arbitration cases for law firms in all major jurisdictions. We provide strategic advice and our technical discovery work includes analysis of documents. We also act as expert/factual witnesses in areas such as actuarial, claims, underwriting, reinsurance accounting and insurance practices.