Technical outsourcing

Underwriting support

Accuracy and efficiency are crucial to the underwriting process. Maintaining these through renewals is a challenge for reinsurance and insurance companies. Pro can help you achieve this without year-round overheads.

We provide continuity of resource in a market where turnover is high. Coupled with our industry experience, we offer a close cultural fit with your team while maintaining objectivity. We have a large pool of professionally qualified and experienced staff. We do not use data entry clerks within our underwriting support function as we consider business knowledge to be critical to delivery in the live insurance market. Our team includes insurance and project management professionals with recognized industry standard qualifications.

Services include:

  • Quote preparation
  • Risk Capture
  • Data Manipulation/Standardization and Geo-coding Administration
  • Data Processing
  • Technical and message processing
  • Pre- and post-bind contract certainty and quality assurance
  • Risk/Slip Verification

Our track record

Some examples of our work have included:

  • Supporting a Global Reinsurer’s worldwide operations - data manipulation and standardization; preparing the information for modeling purposes
  • Supporting a Global Reinsurer’s European and North American operations with pre-bind submissions and data entry
  • Supporting two London Market carriers with a wide range of underwriting support activities, including risk capture; message processing; data modeling/standardization and contract certainty

Whether providing support for pre-bind quote preparation, risk capture, endorsement and message processing, schedule cleansing and geo-coding, bordereaux management or contract certainty, or a fully comprehensive outsourced underwriting support service, we commit the right resources to deliver against strict key performance indicators.

Clients benefit from high accuracy levels, reduced cost and resource management.