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Meet the Expert: Debbie Roome 


June 12, 2024

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In the ever-evolving world of insurance, experts guide us through the complexities and challenges. One such expert is Debbie Roome. With a rich history in the insurance sector and a deep understanding of claims, Debbie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role at Pro Global. From her early days working for large insurers to her current position, she has witnessed firsthand the transformation of the claims sector and the increasing importance of technology.

Having worked for large insurers earlier in your career, what attracted you to Pro Global?

The Insurance sector, whilst large in size, is full of small circles (everyone knows everyone). I was aware of Pro and the work they did in the Employers’ Liability legacy space. Working as a Third Party Administrator was something I had experience of. I was familiar with – and liked – the Pro values, the work they did and the client base they had. I believed I had a skillset that could enhance that further.

You’ve worked in the Claims sector for most of your career – how have you seen it evolve?

I think we have seen significant evolution in the last 15-20 years. When I started my career everyone was looking at how to offshore their claims work – I even spent some time in India as part of the project team doing exactly that. However, now we’re seeing a lot of that work coming back onshore with Insurers and Reinsurers looking for either a full onshore model or a hybrid model, and for UK TPA’s to be working collaboratively with offshore providers.

We’ve also seen changes in technology. This will be an ever-evolving reality as automation and AI continue to grow and develop. However, whilst technology has a part to play in creating greater claims efficiencies, I believe that we still require the skill set that only our people bring, to handle the more complex claims.

What challenges do you think your clients face and how can Pro Global help solve them?

Our clients today are looking to reduce cost and settle genuine claims quickly. Pro has the technology in place along with an expert Disease and Illness team who can best advise on Strategies for these portfolios, streamline processes and ensure the right outcome, always ensuring customers are treated fairly.

What do you see as the market opportunities and challenges over the next 12 months?

Pro continues to work with the market and clients on a number of strategies which will see some good opportunities in the Legacy space. We see Head Injury in Sport as the ongoing market challenge and this is likely to gain momentum over next 12 months.

What is your call to action for claims specialists in insurance?

We all have a part to play in ensuring the next generation of Claims specialists have the right knowledge, skillset and confidence to continue handling these legacy books. My call to action is for all of the existing Claims Specialists to ensure they spend time training the more junior members of staff, passing on the knowledge you have like others did for you.

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Name: Debbie Roome
Job title: Client Engagement Executive (Claims)

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