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Expert Insights on Insurance Audits

Senior USA Auditor Katie Gordon – Shares Expert Insights on Insurance Audits

One of the biggest issues concerns the remittance of premiums, which can lead to breaches of settlement terms and difficult financial positions for underwriters. Pro can help clients review and modify their reconciliation procedures to ensure prompt payment of premiums to avoid violations of the binding contract. Another risk is related to risks bound after the declared policy inception dates, which Pro can identify and help investigate. Backdating cover can affect rates and even include risks where a potential claims incident might have already taken place before policy purchase. Katie also highlights how Pro can help with policy document challenges. Outdated policies can leave organizations at risk by not complying with current laws and regulations, and may not address new systems or technology, resulting in non-compliance and inconsistency with current market practices. Pro can eradicate all these pitfalls. Overall, Pro delivers value by addressing these three key areas: ensuring correct remittance of premiums, identifying and addressing risks bound after the policy inception dates, and streamlining policy documents. By doing so, Pro helps clients to reduce claims, ensure compliance, and streamline their administrative functions for greater cost-effectiveness.